Once mindless automatons, the Warforged have come into their own in the past hundred years. Living at the base of the great volcano Sirvak Grath, the Warforged are under near constant barragement from debris, soot and at least a monthly eruption.

The Warforged society is an odd one on Serth due to the race not technically being a true breeding race. All non-mindless Warforged are in reality reincarnated members of the lost race that created the Warforged to be used as slave labor. When Sirvak Grath erupted, that race’s kingdom was destroyed and buried under tons of ash and stone. The mechanical Warforged managed to survive and dug themselves out.

Around one hundred years ago, an adventuring group came across the capital city of Thillia and through a bizarre sequence of events caused the old race to be reborn in the bodies of their former slaves, though much of their knowledge (such as the race’s name) was lost.

Today, the Warforged people are at the center of the merchant world of Serth, using their lands as neutral trade roots.


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