The Floating Isle of Serth

Terios' journal 2

Been deployed to the Living Desert, Ke’lith. I hate the sand. Attacked by some sort of sand elementals, Skarn said they were aspects of the desert itself, one more reason to hate this place.

Other teams apparently have failed, we remain the only hope for Serth. I hate prophecies, I hate sand. This sucks. Also, Hardrin is refusing to share his eternal booze flask. I need something to hit.

Terios' journal

We’ve been deployed to a remote temple of Zehir near the Incursion line to acquire the Staff of Magius. After defeating the meager Yun-Ti defenses outside the temple, we set out to enter the temple. Skarn figured found a magical lock leading into the temple. We unfortunately set it off and Hardrin nearly lost his arm. Upon entering we weaved through a vast maze. For awhile I feared we would never make it to our objective, but Skarn’s excellent sense of direction lead us to our goal. The Yun-ti had captured a dragon and were preforming some sort of dark ritual; turning it into a foul undead beast. They must have rushed the event and all Yun-Ti in the room were also converted into zombies before our eyes. That a horrific sight will haunt me for months. We dispatched the creatures and set to searching for our objective. Hardrin noticed the secret chamber hiding the staff. After defusing yet another trap we recovered the artifact. I hope this the other talons fair as well as us.

Things that have had their asses whipped!
Good... Bad... I'm the one with the gun.

We were deployed to the Dragora mega-jungle to aquire an ancient tome of alleged power and importance. To the horrifying dismay of the “talon” of the “Obsidian Shields”, we found that the lost temple we sought had been infested with the dark stain of the aberrations from (possibly) the Far Realm Incursion. In any event… they were sent back to wherever they came from (hard).


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